This is a one of a kind athletic competition consisting of 10 different athletic contests and won by the participant amassing the highest total score. It is an all ages two-day decathlon style multi-sport event for men and women competing at all skill levels. The Skills Competition is a sporting contest designed to ascertain whom the worlds best all around athlete is. Competing in the WBA International Skills Competition is the ultimate challenge for male and female athletes of all ages. There are 10 events each worth a possible 1000 points with the goal being to get as close to 10,000 points as possible. The competition is against oneself and the scoring tables and the aim is to score more points than anyone else. It is the supreme test of mind and body; challenging the person's character, attitude and determination and also their physical abilities. It is impossible to 'tame' the event because nobody will ever achieve a perfect score - there is always room for improvement and progress.

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Press Release

September 25th, 2011
Worlds Best Athlete: Rick Anderson retains title for 2011

December 26th, 2010
Worlds Best Athlete: Rick Anderson Names The Top 5 NBA Players of All Time

October 22nd, 2008
Rick Anderson Retains Title As Worlds Best Athlete: Wins $9,000.00

September 6th, 2008
Worlds Best Athlete Is Rick Anderson From Vancouver


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Rick Anderson

World Rank #1
Amit Prasad

World Rank #2
Shawn Desmond

World Rank #3
Cecil Boston

World Rank #4
Tyler Cole

World Rank #5
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